Lee Bourke The Terminator – Endoskeleton

Lee Bourke The Terminator – Endoskeleton


Limited Edition Giclee

Image Size 42 cm x 29 cm

My creative talent was found as a child, which I then carried through my educational years, studying Art up to degree level.

I graduated from Aberystwyth University, in 2009, with a BA Joint Honours in Mathematics and Fine Art.

Friends and family would ask me to draw lots of different things for them, from pets to family portraits, but it was the fictional characters that I really enjoyed drawing. Drawing fictional characters from my favourite game and film franchises has been a passion of mine ever since I was a child. Growing up throughout the 90s, I would typically be found drawing characters such as Mario and Sonic and many more. Having a career, enabling me to live a stable life, allowed me to focus my talents on to my drawing, and this was where my drawings really came to life.

I decided to stop doing commissioned drawings and draw only what I wanted to and sell prints instead.

In 2014, I started to record myself drawing and made my first YouTube video.

I feel that my drawings offer a unique style that has developed over the years and have become popular and favoured through my YouTube channel.

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In my work, you will notice there is strong emphasis of light and shadow, a technique called Chiaroscuro typically found in most renaissance art. In my YouTube Videos, you will also notice, at the initial stages of my drawings, I use mathematical concepts like scaling to proportionately lay out the image onto my workspace. This allows me to capture the subject with precision.

After attending several different events, selling my work and gaining recognition, the success of my YouTube channel and the sales of my prints were ever increasing.


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